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[Antibody Research Corporation] Anti Virus Antibodies and Reagents

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Anti Virus Antibodies


Anti Monkey Fever (Kyasanur Forest Disease, KFD) Antibody
Anti West Nile Virus Antibody
Anti SARS-CoV2 Spike Antibody

Anti SARS-CoV2-N Antibody
Anti SARS Virus Antibody
Anti MERS Virus Antibody
Anti Dengue Virus Antibody

Anti Chikungunya Virus Antibody
Anti Zika Virus Antibody

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Cell Culture & Hybridoma Reagents...


BathCide 1000x Water Bath and Incubator Microbicide

HyMax 20x Hybridoma Fusion and Cloning Supplement
HybriCare 20x Hybridoma Rescue Media Supplement
HyFusion 50x PEG Hybridoma Fusion Reagent
HyFreeze 2x Hybridoma Freezing Media
HyHAT 50x Hybridoma HAT Selection Media
MycoLytix 1000x Mycoplasma Inhibitor Solution
SMARTfect 100x DNA Immunization Adjuvant

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