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Epitope Diagnostics Inc., is a certified medical device manufacture company that focuses on niche immunoassays for the global diagnostics and research industries. EDI specialize in Antibodies, Tumor Markers & Cancer Research, Gastrointestinal Disease, Infectious Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, Calcium/Bone Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes, Autoimmune Disease, Miscellaneous, Automation.

Eagle Biosciences

Eagle Biosciences has quickly become a leading provider of ELISA assay kits, HPLC assay kits, Molecular Biology assays, antibodies, and proteins.


Biosensis is a supplier of antibodies, reagents, and kits for the life science research and diagnostic markets

alomone labs

Alomone Labs is a leading developer, producer and supplier of reliable research tools for membrane proteins. By leveraging 30 years of experience and scientific excellence, we produce tried, tested and trusted products.


Immunostar products are used in the detection of a wide variety of biological markers. These include Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s abnormalities, epilepsy and brain seizures, schizophrenia, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Huntington`s disease

Creative Diagnostics

Creative diagnostics offers a wide range of high quality antibodies validated for use in multiplexed assays, such as primary antibodies to multiple forms of virtually every protein in the proteome including cytokines.

Creative Biomart

Creative BioMart has always been focusing on developing high quality protein products( more than 5,000 recombinant protein products in stock) and efficient protein manufacturing techniques.

Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is the leading custom service provider that has extensive experience in various antibody production and engineering fields, and includes mouse and rat monoclonal antibody production using hybridoma technology, human, monkey, rabbit, chicken, dog, llama and camel monoclonal antibody production using various antibody library technologies (including phage display, bacterial display and yeast display).


BlueGene offer more than 3,000 ELISA kits, 4,000 antibodies, 300 recombinant proteins, and more than 1,000 plasmid vectors. And products cover research areas including adipokines, cancer, cardiovascular, cell biology, development, endocrinology, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology, stem cell and ubiquitin.

Labor Diagnostika Nord(LDN)

ELISA kit for Biogenic Amines & Neuroscience, Endocrinology, Food safety, Research


QuickZyme Biosciences is an innovative life sciences company providing the research community with new and unique products with added value in the field of matrix related proteins, enzymes and assays(such as Matrix Protein Assays, Antibodies and Rec. Proteins, Protease Activity Assays).


Scripps Laboratories is a bulk manufacturer of high quality proteins and immunoreagents for the diagnostic industry and research community


DLD develops, markets and provides scientific service for high quality innovative tests for in-vitro-diagnosis. The products range includes so-called ,niche tests" for autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer diseases and renal dysfunction.


Tani Medical is offering now a very comprehensive line of unique products: Drug & Anti-Drug ELISA kits. The trade name for these products is ImmunoGuide. These are very useful ELISA test kits for the measurement of drugs (antibodies against TNF - alpha and others) and the antibody against these drugs (ATI and others). ImmunoGuide kits were developed by a senior immunology professor who is the member of our scientific team.


Anogen is the trade name of Yes Biotech Laboratories Ltd., a has been producing antibody products for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications of products including monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, immunoassay kits, matched antibody pairs, immunoglobulin, bioactive peptides, recombinant proteins and humanized monoclonal antibodies with high producers.

Cloud Clone

CLOUD-CLONE CORP. (CCC, USA), a research and experimental development in molecular biology and immunology oriented company headquartered in Houston, is the owner of the trade mark “Cloud-Clone”. Its main business includes production of assay reagent, manufacture of analysis equipment and service for animal experiment. Based on profound accumulation of technology and huge resource of primers, cDNAs, plasmids, hybridoma cells, as well as semi-products of detection reagent, CCC can provide 11,000 proteins, 19,000 antibodies and 7,000 immunoassay kits with short lead time.

Cell Biolabs

Cell Biolabs, Inc. proudly develops and commercializes innovative technologies and tools for life science research. We are committed to providing the best products(Cell-Based Assays, Viral Expression and Purification Kits and Reagents, Oxidative Stress Assays, Metabolism Research Assays and Reagents, Cell Signaling and Protein Biology) that facilitate discovery of the mechanisms underlying cell function and disease..


Aurion develops and manufactures a complete range of the highest quality immuno gold and auxiliary reagents to meet all your needs for immuno gold detection experiments. The Aurion reagents may find application both in immunohisto- and cytochemistry and in in situ hybridisation.


ImmuSmol stands for “immunoglobulins [antibodies] against small molecules”. While traditional antibodies only recognize large molecules such as proteins, ImmuSmol designs and develops antibodies capable of targeting low molecular weight entities


AngioBio now provides custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibody services, guaranteed to work for your application.


MHC Tetramers- Stability, specificity, broad choice of colors and brighter staining, T cell epitope mapping, Fast, easy detection of antigen-specific T cells ...

Life Diagnostics

Life Diagnostics manufactures ELISA kits, SPARCL™ kits, purified biomarkers and antibodies for preclinical research and veterinary diagnostics.

Integral Molecular

Integral Molecular is a research-driven biotechnology company creating innovative technologies and therapeutic antibodies for under-exploited membrane protein targets, including GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, and viral envelopes.


Our company builds on more than twelve years of experience in performing and optimizing in vitro MHC/epitope binding assays for MHC I and MHC II.