Product Solutions

Provide total solutions for Life Science applications together with global partners. We are constantly striving to be more
connected, forward-looking and customer-focused to deliver best results.

Molecular Biology


Intact Genomics

Intact Genomics provide high-quality life science products and large insert DNA cloning, manipulation, and BAC library related services to help scientists explore the genome structure and function of microorganisms, plants and animal species, and such as competent cells, enzymes, RT-PCR & RT-PqPCR kits, T4 Enzymes, cloning kit, FastAmp Plant Direct PCR kit.


Primerdesign is focused on the design, manufacture, validation and supply of real-time PCR kits and reagents

PCR Biosystems

PCR Biosystems offers a range of best-in-class kits and reagents for PCR and related technology. By combining our enhanced polymerases with highly developed reaction buffers and novel chemistry PCR Biosystems is leading the development of PCR


Larova provides raw materials (nucleotides, enzymes and additives) for PCR and related applications in bulk amounts and serves three groups of customers.

IBI Scientific

IBI Scientific is a manufacturer of Life Science Research Products including laboratory equipment such as the Belly Dancer Shaker, IBI electrophoresis products, IBI Molecular Biology reagents, and many other high quality Life Science Research products.

Creative Biogene

Creative Biogene provides customized molecular biology reagents and professional technical services to customers in the life science research field. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes technologies for enzyme, PCR, vector, transfection reagent, cDNA, and shRNA as well as transfected stable cell line