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[EMS] Support Film on Grids

관리자 2022.06.23 14:27 조회 114 추천 0

Support Film on Grids


Support Film on grids has become a main product line for us since the demand for high quality coated grids has increased. To make your microscopy work easier and to save you a great deal of time we offer you a complete line. All of our coated grids are optically checked followed by batch testing in the EM. Packed in grid storage box. All the grids below (except for the Beryllium Support Films) are also available with the following options:

   -Molybdenum grids in place of Au, Cu, or Ni

   -As Silicone free

   -With ultra-thin thickness (thickness can be requested)

   -Extra thick thickness

Substrated Grid For Tem

220623 - Support film on grid -.jpg

You Tube 영상

220623 - Support film on grid - 02.JPG


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