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[BROADPHARM] Site-Specific Linker for Bioconjugation.

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Site Specific Linkers

BroadPharm is excited to introduce our range of site-specific linkers for bioconjugation. Our site-specific linkers can bridge disulfides to maintain biological activity and provide stable, homogeneous conjugates. These modern Dibromo-Maleimides, Dithiol-Maleimides, and Bis-Sulfones provide improved pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and improved safety profiles over traditional maleimides.   

Our site specific-linkers will provide more stable, homogeneous conjugates, with improved in-vivo efficacy. 

The structure of our site-specific linkers is simple and easy to customize as seen in Figure 1. Our products contain three parts A) Site-specific functional group, B) Spacer containing a cleavable peptides or PEG chain to increase solubility, and C) A handle for further modification. 


The reaction is easy to perform as seen in Figure 2. First, a given antibody or protein needs to be chemically reduced. Then the antibody is incubated with our site-specific linker, which will link cysteine bonds together. The linker can hold a drug or be modified further for conjugation with an activated molecule.  


With our range of site-specific linkers, our customers will be able to test out different linkers and kits to find what’s best for their application.



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