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[Broadpharm] Revolutionize mRNA Delivery! - "Multi-Charge Ionizable Lipids"

관리자 2023.05.25 15:23 조회 823 추천 21


Multi-Charge Ionizable Lipids

Ionizable lipids play a crucial role in formulating lipid nanoparticles, which have proven to be highly effective for drug delivery. Traditionally, singly charged ionizable lipids like SM-102 and ALC-0315 have been utilized in vaccine formulations. However, to further enhance the efficacy of mRNA therapeutics, scientists have turned their attention to multi-charge ionizable lipids such as C-12-200, cKK-E12, OF-2, and 3060i10.Each lipid in our catalogue offers unique advantages in terms of N/P ratio optimization, encapsulation efficiency, uptake, and mRNA release.

At BroadPharm, we understand the importance of having access to a comprehensive range of multi-charge ionizable lipids for your research and development projects. That's why we are pleased to introduce our extensive catalogue of cutting-edge multi-charge ionizable lipids.





Our catalogue lipids have been meticulously designed and optimized to provide superior performance in mRNA delivery systems. With a diverse selection of multi-charge ionizable lipids, you can choose the formulations that best suit your specific requirements.

Stay at the forefront of mRNA therapeutics and explore the possibilities with BroadPharms' catalogue of cutting-edge multi-charge ionizable lipids. We invite you to browse our catalogue and reach out to our team to discuss how our solutions can drive the success of your research and expedite the development of innovative mRNA therapies.


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