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[Vitro Biopharma] Cell Lines & Cell Culture Media

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Who we are

At Vitro Biopharma, our goal is to become a leader in developing differentiated product candidates in a rapid and efficient manner for the immunology and inflammatory market, and ultimately, to address well-established multi-billion-dollar commercial markets. We are committed to translating innovative science into medicines that transform the lives of patients with various diseases. more...

Research Grade Products

We sell Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts (“CAFs”) and native fibroblasts developed by us directly to leading institutions, clinics, investigators and sponsors, including major biotechnology/biopharmaceutical firms and several universities. These institutions use CAFs and native fibroblasts for advanced cancer research, especially for the development of immunotherapy for the treatment of solid tumors.

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Cell Lines



We have developed a variety of research grade formulations of MSC-Gro through over 20 years of research and development. We have low serum, serum-free and CAF-specific formulations, which we believe confers additional benefits to cellular immunotherapy development and stem cell research and generates increased ATP expression (an energy molecule), viability, immunosuppression measurement and yield.

Cell Culture Media