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[CD Bioparticles] Agarose Particles for Purification of Proteins and Antibodies

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Agarose Particles for Purification of 

Proteins and Antibodies

What are Agarose Particles?

Agarose particles are microspheres serving as a porous gel to filter or separate a mixture of molecules according to their individual sizes. They are easy to be activated, so that they can be prepared to bind biomolecules in a reversible or irreversible manner. They can be used in batch or column purification of proteins and antibodies, which are extremely suitable for biopharmaceutical applications. The large internal porosity enables them to purify larger biomolecules like monoclonal antibodies. Their particle distribution mainly ranges from 20 to 300 μm. Small particle size is propitious for polishing steps with extremely high resolution, while the larger particle size is adapted for capture steps. Besides, the volumes required also have an impact on the choice of particle sizes. Large volumes usually need particles with larger particle size. There are different percentages of agarose particles such as 2%, 4% and 6%, which allows better separation of molecules based on their size. Particles with higher agarose percentage are suitable to separate small globular proteins due to their smaller pore size. In the same way, particles with lower percentage of agarose are better to separate larger globular proteins. What's more, pre-activated agarose particles can be used to bind biomolecules. The particles coupled with proteins and antibodies on the surface can be used as affinity chromatography resins, ion exchange chromatography resins, size-exclusion chromatography resins, and hydrophobic interaction chromatography resins. The enzyme-immobilized agarose particles can be used for antibody fragmentation.

CD Bioparticles provides an extremely wide range of agarose particles mainly for the isolation and purification of proteins and antibodies. These products are classified into Basic Agarose ParticlesFunctional Agarose Particles and Conjugated Agarose Particles for further search.


Scanning electron micrographs of agarose particles. Adapted from Nweke, Mauryn C, 2017.


Advantages of Agarose Particles

Particle sizes ranging from 25 to 500 μm.
Various modifications for diverse applications.
With different capabilities and suitable for different flow rates to match application requirements.
Shortened purification cycles and improved production efficiency.

Agarose percentage: 2%, 4%, 6%, 7.5%.

Applications of Agarose Particles

The agarose particles from CD Bioparticles can be used in the isolation and purification of proteins and antibodies. Examples of common applications are below.

Isolation and purification of proteins with affinity tags.
Isolation and purification of antibodies.
Preparation of antibody fragments.
Conjugation of proteins, antibodies and peptides.

Used in pull-down assays, chromatin immunoprecipitation assays and immunoprecipitation assays.

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