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[Proimmune] Ankyrons: binding reagents that give you a better handle on biology

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We are excited to introduce you to AnkyronsTM a breakthrough in target binding technology that overcomes many of the current constraints of research antibodies. Unlike traditional antibodies, AnkyronsTM are based on an ankyrin-repeat scaffold. These small (~15 kDa), single binding domain proteins revolutionize the research landscape and depart from the animal-immune response paradigm of antibodies. But what sets AnkyronsTM apart?

AnkyronsTM are selected in vitro by ribosome display from ProImmune's synthetic TeralibraryTM of over 1 trillion (1012) Ankyron clones for medium to high affinity to their target. The exceptionally large number of clones in our TeralibraryTM makes selecting Ankyrons significantly more efficient than selecting antibody fragments from comparable antibody screening libraries in vitro. As synthetic reagents, Ankyrons are defined, recombinant, monoclonal sequences by default.

Finding murine-specific antibodies can be a challenge. We have already generated Ankyrons against a wide variety of murine proteins tested in immunofluorescence microscopy. Below is Ankyron staining with a mouse p53 specific Ankyron. p53 plays a crucial role in preserving genomic integrity by preventing genome mutation and is a key player in cellular responses to stress, controlling several genes involved in cell cycle arrest, DNA repair, apoptosis, and cellular metabolism.


Figure: Mouse macrophage J774A.1 cells were permeabilised with 0.5% Triton X-100, fixed in formaldehyde (4%), then stained using 1.4µg V5-tagged Ankyron and anti-V5 antibody conjugated with APC (red) in Permeabilisation Staining Buffer (RPMI 1640 + 10 % human serum + 0.5 % saponin), counterstaining nuclei with DAPI (blue) and F-actin with Phalloidin (green). Image captured by epifluorescence microscopy. Inset: negative control of anti-V5 APC antibody alone and F-actin staining.

 Watch a 5 minute podcast presented by our scientists to learn more about the AnkyronsTM 

Ankyros™ Features:

·Single, highly-stable, small 15kD binding domain
·Always recombinant, sequence defined by default
·More than 1700 catalog target specificities; multiple clones per target typically; rapidly expanding range
·No more primaries: get any Ankyron with any of our tags or conjugates affordably to order
·No Fc- / Isotype background
·Selected entirely in vitro from our TeralibraryTM for higher affinity
·Unconstrained by immunological tolerance
·Highly thermostable
·Custom recombinant monoclonal generation for any budget*
·Wide range of formatting options for multi-specifics and multivalent molecules
·More cost-effective than research antibody technology in every respect
·Generated without animal immunization
·Distinguish closely-related proteins with Ankyron guided selection

·For research applications, including: immunofluorescence, flow cytometry, ELISA, immunohistochemistry, immunoprecipitation, cell culture and more

Guided selection

What's more, using a guided selection strategy in our discovery process, we can easily screen Ankyron binders for selective reactivity with one type of target over 

closely related versions of the same target. Prominent examples include peptide-specific Ankyrons to peptide-MHC molecules and idiotype specific Ankyrons to 

antibodies, such as drug antibodies. 


Figure: Mouse macrophage J774A.1 cells were stained using 1.4 µg V5-tagged Ankyron and anti-V5 antibody conjugated with APC (red) in Staining Buffer (RPMI 1640 + 10 % human serum), counterstaining nuclei with DAPI (blue). Image captured by epifluorescence microscopy. Inset: negative control of anti-V5 APC antibody alone.

Our rapidly growing catalog currently contains over 7,500 clones for more than 1,500 target proteins and further to these catalog Ankyrons we have already generated, we can do custom Ankyron generation.

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Comparing AnkyronsTM to antibodies side by side