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[Creative Bioarray] Leukemia/Lymphoma/Myeloma Cell Lines Focus

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Cancer Cell Lines Catalog
Leukemia/Lymphoma/Myeloma Cell Lines Focus
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Cancer cell lines have been widely used for research purposes, and their characterization indicates that they are actually excellent models for studying the biological mechanisms involved in cancer. The use of cancer cell lines increases information about the deregulated genes and signaling pathways in this disease. Moreover, the use of the cell line models is the origin of anticancer drug development and testing, and also is an alternative to transplantable animal tumors in chemotherapeutics testing. In fact, the use of appropriate in vitro models in cancer research is crucial for investigating genetic, epigenetic and cellular pathways, for studying proliferation deregulation, apoptosis and cancer progression, identifying potential molecular markers, and screening and characterizing novel cancer therapeutics.

Leukemia/ Lymphoma/
Cell Lines Focus

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The results of the research in cancer cell lines are usually extrapolated to human tumors in vivo and their importance as models for drug testing and translational study has been recognized by many biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. Creative Bioarray has a large, well-documented library of Leukemia/Lymphoma/Myeloma Cell Lines for in vitro studies. In addition, if you can’t find the cell line of interest within our offering, we will develop a cell line according to your specific needs so you can run your assays with confidence.