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[Biosensis] Parkinson's Disease Biomarkers

관리자 2019.12.06 17:41 조회 164

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Parkinson's Disease Biomarkers

Levels of α-synuclein monomer and its oligomeric, aggregated and phosphorylated forms are well known to change in Parkinson’s Disease. An excellent review by Parnetti et al. (2019), published in Lancet Neurology, discusses the Biomarker potential of α-synuclein isoforms and their clinical utility.

Biosensis is addressing the need for reliable and accurate quantification of α-synuclein by releasing its NEW RapidTM ELISA Kit for this important target (BEK-2216). It represents the first assay in Biosensis’ collection of α-synuclein ELISA kits, with more kits in development!

Our new α-synuclein RapidTM ELISA Kit features:

·     Real validation data on accurate quantification in human blood and CSF
·     Low intra- and inter-assay CVs of < 10%
·     Complete kit with precise instructions
·     Fast (< 4 hours) and reliable assay performance