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[PROIMMUNE] Beyond antibodies: Ankyrons are next generation target binding reagents that can take your research further

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chart a new path with next-generation binding reagents beyond antibodies

A new era of target-binding reagents beyond antibodies is beginning:

Ankyrons™ are next-generation target binding reagents provided by ProImmune that overcome many of the current constraints of research antibodies. They offer affordable high-quality customized recombinant monoclonal binding reagents for any application and protein target.

Ankyrons disconnect from the animal-immune response paradigm of antibodies as binding reagents.

All Ankyrons are based on single domain ankyrin-repeat scaffold, selected in vitro by ribosome display for medium to high affinity from ProImmune’s synthetic Ankyron Teralibrary™ of around one billion (~1012) clones. Therefore Ankyrons™ are by default recombinant sequence defined target binding molecules, unlike standard monoclonal antibodies. The exceptionally large starting clone number in our Teralibrary™ makes selecting Ankyrons more efficient than selecting antibody fragments from comparable antibody screening libraries in vitro.


Figure 1: Domain comparison between Ankyons and Antibodies. Ankyrons are highly stable recombinant single-domain binders. They can be directly labelled or detected via an epitope or biotin tag. Ankyrons can be engineered to combine them with further Ankyron or other domains much more easily than even recombinant Antibodies. Unlike Antibodies, Ankyrons do not have isotypes or any species origin.

Ankyron™ features

  • - Always recombinant, monoclonal, sequence defined by default
  • - Selected entirely in vitro from our Teralibrary™ for higher affinity
  • - Unconstrained by immunological tolerance
  • - Superior single domain properties compared to antibodies
  • - Fast, inexpensive, customization with affinity tags and labels for every order
  • - Rapidly growing catalog range to very wide range of targets and target areas
  • - Custom recombinant monoclonal generation for any budget*
  • - Further formatting to order as multi-specifics and multivalent molecules available
  • - More cost-effective than research antibody technology in every respect
  • - Generated without animal immunization
  • - Distinguish closely related proteins with Ankyron guided selection
  • - For research applications, including: flow cytometry, ELISA, western blotting, immunohistochemistry, immunoprecipitation, cell culture and more

You will be able to get Ankyrons for almost any target with and label, custom-configured every time with a plethora of formatting and customization options, including for bi-and multi-specific molecules, combined with a full range of labeling options, covering most types of available fluorochromes and other labels.

Below are some examples for Ankyrons selected for otherwise challenging applications:

MHC-Peptide Specific Ankyrons

Detecting and targeting specific MHC-peptide complexes is of material interest for understanding many disease conditions better and for developing novel therapeutic interventions. It has been very challenging to develop antibodies that bind selectively to an MHC-peptide combination over a more general MHC allotype.

Below is our list of currently available MHC-peptide specific Ankyrons:


If the specificity you want is not on this list, we can always select it for you.


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