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[Neuromics] Out of Matrigel? No Problem - Check Out Our Collagel Hydrogels

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Out of Matrigel? No Problem - Check Out Our Collagel Hydrogels


Neuromics offers a large selection of tools for cell culturers, and we want to make sure you're aware of all of them. With Matrigel hard to find at the moment, we thought it'd be a great time to mention that our Collagel Hydrogels are in stock and ready to be used as a substitute for Matrigel.


Using our Type I Rat Tendon Collagen as the core ingredient, we have created a special formulation that creates a gel. Like Matrigel, our Collagel Hydrogels build a strong basement membrane for both 2D and 3D cell cultures. In your model, these hydrogels match the softness of the body's tissue and will not break or tear apart easily when stretched.

Image: Primary hepatocyte culture in 3D model using our Collagel Hydrogel.

We use Neuromics' Collagel Hydrogels in our lab when preparing our own 3D models. This includes our 3D Human Blood-Brain Barrier Model, which was just featured in Alzheimer's Disease research published this week (check it out here).

If you have any questions about our hydrogels, are interested in ordering, or need anything else, please contact David at


The Neuromics Team


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