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[biosensis] β-Synuclein - the Forgotten Synuclein, Or Is It?

관리자 2021.10.29 10:53 조회 1112 추천 23

β-Synuclein - the Forgotten Synuclein, Or Is It?

Dear Researcher,


Synaptic loss, or the degeneration of synapses, is known to be one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) (Jackson et al., 2019). β-synuclein, a member of the synuclein family of proteins, is found in abundance in presynaptic terminals. Unlike α-synuclein and sometimes overlooked, recent research suggests β-synuclein to be an early diagnostic marker for AD in CSF (Halbgebauer et al., 2020).


NEW β-Synuclein Antibodies to Advance your Research

Biosensis has introduced two antibodies to β-synuclein, made in mouse and rabbit. Both antibodies are an excellent choice for use in Immunohistochemistry and Western Blotting, complementing our well-established sheep antibody to β-synuclein. Our β-synuclein antibodies provide maximum flexibility in experimental design and high-quality results in human and rodent samples.


Analysis of β-synuclein expression in rat cerebellum section by Immunohistochemistry. β-synuclein (red) was detected with rabbit antibody R-2105-100 (1:1,000), and sections co-stained with chicken antibody to parvalbumin (C-1814-50, green, 1:5,000). Blue: Hoechst nuclear stain. The β-synuclein antibody detects protein concentrated in synaptic regions, while the parvalbumin antibody labels the perikarya and dendrites of Purkinje cells and interneurons in the molecular layer of the cerebellum.


Western blot analysis of β-synuclein expression in tissue homogenates using mouse antibody M-2106-100 (green, 1:1,000). Lane 1: MWM; Lane 2: rat cortex; Lane 3: rat cerebellum; Lane 4: mouse cortex; Lane 5: mouse cerebellum; Lane 6: cow cortex; Lane 7: cow cerebellum. A strong band at about 17 kDa corresponds to β-synuclein protein.


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