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[iba] Flexible methods to isolate human and mouse T and B cells with Fab-/Nano-TACS®

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Flexible methods to isolate human and mouse T and B cells

with Fab-/Nano-TACS®


Dear Researcher,


In the last newsletter of the year 2021, we would like to provide insights into our Fab-/Nano-TACS® cell isolation methods that are based on our Strep-tag® technology and demonstrate possible applications.


The Strep-tag® technology allows label-free positive cell isolation targeting surface markers via three different methods: affinity chromatographic, magnetic and fluorescent cell separation.All three approaches are called Fab-/Nano-TACS®, describing the underlying principle of traceless affinity cell selection.

We prepared How-to videos that show how to isolate target cells from human samples via magnetic separation or via affinity chromatography. If you would like to know more about how Fab-/Nano-TACS® can be used for isolation of T and B cells from mouse samples, we have summed up the most important points and data under the button below.

Mouse Cell Isolation


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