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[iba] Controlling your T cell expansion

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T cell expansion

The in vitro generation of a large number of functional T cells is important for basic research as well as for therapeutic approaches, where consistent quality and purity of expanded T cells play an essential role. Commonly magentic beads carrying αCD3 and αCD28 monoclonal antibodies are used for the activation of the T cells. Depending on the proliferation of the cells, with this approach the cells need to be continuously split.

In contrast, CD3/CD28 Streptamers® are non-magnetic soluble protein complexes generated by multimerization of anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 Fab-Streps with a Strep-Tactin® multimer. They are completely reversible reagents and can therefore be removed from the cells at any time by adding biotin. Thus, this technology enables the complete control of the expansion process and the cell receptors are available for further staining experiments.

CD3/CD28 Streptamers® for simple and effective cell activation

Polyclonal expansion of T cells can be easily achieved via non-magnetic soluble protein complexes generated by multimerization of αCD3- and αCD28 Fab-Streptamers® with a Strep-Tactin® multimer.

Click on the link below and discover the efficiency of T cell expansion after stimulation with CD3/CD28 Streptamers®.

Find out more about the technology

Streptamer® technology delivers unmanipulated naturally occuring T cells for your research.
Download our reaction scheme and our expansion flyer to get a deeper insight into the technology behind T cell expansion with CD3/CD28 Streptamers®.