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[Cell Systems] Primary Human Lung Fibroblast Cells - Now Available

관리자 2021.05.10 15:54 조회 1157 추천 14


Now Available: Primary Human 

Lung Fibroblast Cells 


Primary Human Lung Fibroblast Cells (Catalog # ACBRI469) are now available at Cell Systems, a specialized provider of high quality primary human cells and all-in-one culture kits. 

These unadulterated cells are a great asset for research involving lung tissue remodeling, COVID-19, pulmonary inflammation and repair, COPD, lung cancer, tuberculosis, and other pulmonary diseases.

·Available as cryopreserved Passage 3 vials and proliferating flasks
·1 million cells per vial
·<12 cumulative population doublings
·High cell viability (<85% viability)
·Easy to plate and culture

Deep inventory allows for consistency for the duration of your research

Cell Systems' special antibody-free isolation method preserves the cells' truest physiological state on top of the biological relevance already provided by primary cells

Turn to Cell Systems to apply your research program with improved consistency and enhanced reproducibility!

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