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[LB Leading Biology] World-class premade libraries & One-stop antibody screening service

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Phase display library Technology

Leading Biology is committed to providing high-quality antibody libraries generated through our unique platform for phage display applications to better support your medicine discovery, antibody engineering, and sequencing research. We are now able to provide a wider range of premade/naive libraries and library sequencing services.

World-class premade libraries


  • Human scFv libraries
  • Human Fab libraries
  • Mouse scFv/Fab libraries
  • Rabbit Fab libraries
  • Chicken scFv libraries
  • Single domain antibody libraries

One-stop antibody screening service


  • Immune, naive, or synthetic library construction
  • Pre-made library screening
  • Monoclonal detection
  • Antibody expression
  • Custom biopanning strategies
  • QC to ensure the success of your projects. We can perform the documentation for all assays as required

Help you achieve your goals in a rapid time-frame

Our solutions enable you to fully realize the benefits of improved productivity throughout the entire project cycle. We have partnered with scientists globally committed to improving the customer experience through convenience, the accuracy of orders, and timely delivery.

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