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[Biosensis] HQ-O - An Improvement for Thiflavin S Amyloid Plaque Staining

관리자 2020.07.25 00:05 조회 110

Our Newest Tracing Reagent Has Arrived!
Finally, an Improvement for Thioflavin S Amyloid Plaque Staining!!
Dear Researcher,

Biosensis is proud to announce the release of its newest member of the very popular Stains & Tracing Reagent range. Our HQ-O RTDTM Amyloid Plaque Stain Reagent has several advantages over Thioflavin S:

HQ-O RTD™ Binds to amyloid fibrils and plaques independent of confirmation via unique zinc binding properties

  • HQ-O RTD™ Exhibits greater contrast and resolution compared to Thio-S/T & CR!

  • HQ-O RTD™ Tight excitation and emission spectrum, with no excitation bleed-through.

  • HQ-O RTD™ Tight excitation easily allows sharp multiple labelling studies

  • HQ-O RTD™ Uses common blue-light (FITC fluorescent) filters (ex.max 475 nm)

  • HQ-O RTD™ Compatible with FFPE and frozen tissue fixations

  • HQ-O RTD™ is EASIER, SHARPER & BRIGHTER than any other non-UV amyloid stain!

  • Labelling of amyloid plaques (green) with HQ-OTM in paraffin-processed cortex from a 1 year old APP/PSI mouse model of AD (A). B: High-magnification view of the cortical region outlined in white in A.

    All these advantages come in a Ready-to-dilute format, no complicated dye preparation required! Our HQ-O RTDTM Amyloid Plaque Stain Reagent is available in a trial size version for a limited time (TR-700-HQOT) or a full-size version (TR-700-HQO). Click here to order today! Need more information? Contact our Technical Support.