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[Kerafast] Lentiviruses for gene delivery: ready-to-use or custom-produced

관리자 2020.09.16 11:24 조회 54

Looking for Lentiviruses?

At Kerafast, we provide rapid access to unique lab-made reagents, including a wide variety of lentiviruses for delivering target genes into cells. Our catalog includes:

  • 90+ ready-to-use premade lentiviruses
  • A custom lentivirus production service
  • eGFP vectors to create your own lentiviruses
Premade Lentiviruses
  • 90+ ready-to-use lentiviral vectors
  • High functional titers, found to be 10x greater than other available lentiviruses
  • Convenient “single-use” aliquot sizes avoid titer loss due to repeat freeze-thaw cycles
  • Highly pure and serum free, allowing for both in vitro and in vivo transduction
Custom Lentiviruses
  • Maximal flexibility and top quality
  • Services include construct design, lentiviral vector production, concentration and titration
  • Custom vectors can be produced in 2-3 weeks for as low as $350
eGFP Expressing Lentivirus Vectors
  • From the lab of Dr. Dominic Esposito at the National Cancer Institute/NIH
  • 25+ second-generation lentiviral vectors (pFUGW backbone)
  • Produce either reporter proteins eGFP or bifunctional firefly Luc2-eGFP fusion under the control of various mammalian promoters
Lentivirus Resources: