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[Broadpharm] A wide array of different Click Chemistry reagents for advanced research

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Click Chemistry Reagents


Click Chemistry is a powerful chemistry technology that is widely used in biotech and pharmaceutical R&D due to its high selectivity, biocompatibility & fast speed. In the past two decades Click Chemistry has gone through three key evolutions as exampled below.
In the 1st generation of Click Chemistry, Cu(I) is required as a catalyst in the reaction between a terminal alkyne and the azide. The toxicity of Cu(I) ions can cause oxidative damage to biomolecule.





The 2nd generation of Click Chemistry is biocompatible by using strain-promoted azide-alkyne Click Chemistry without catalyst. Strained cyclooctynes (such as BCNDBCO) have a significantly decreased activation energy compared to terminal alkyne.




The 3rd generation of Click Chemistry is the ligation between tetrazine and alkene (trans-Cyclooctene). This high-speed reaction is also copper free which is ideal for in vivo cell labeling.





As a worldwide leading supplier of crosslinker & biolabeling tools, BroadPharm offers a wide array of different Click Chemistry reagents to empower our customer’s advanced research. These compounds feature great aqueous solubility, smart choice of PEG length, and a broad selection of functional groups to choose from. Call BroadPharm if you need any further assistance.




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