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[AURION] AURION Gold Nanoparticles

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AURION Gold Nanoparticles

Gold Nanoparticles – Gold Sols – have been developed for conjugate preparation via the classic direct adsorption method.

Gold Nanoparticles – Carboxyl Functionalized – have been developed to facilitate conjugating gold nanoparticles to molecules that cannot be conjugated via the classic direct adsorption method. The product is especially suited for covalent conjugation of small ligands.

Gold Nanoparticles – Gold Sols –
To prepare a high quality (immuno)gold conjugate it is important to have particles with uniform size and highly adsorptive surfaces.
The Aurion gold sols are prepared according to unique production protocols. This provides for sol particles with the same narrow size distribution and adsorption properties as employed in the Conventional Immunogold Reagents.

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Gold Nanoparticles – Carboxyl Functionalized –
Aurion Gold Nanoparticles – Carboxyl Functionalized – are polyethylene glycol-carboxyl stabilized gold nanoparticle solutions based on defined particle sizes of 6, 10, 15 and 25nm. They are prepared using in- house developed production protocols giving the product a narrow size distribution, long term stability and optimal con- jugation properties. Biomolecules having primary amines available can be cova- lently conjugated using EDC/ sulfo-NHS chemistry.

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**NEW**  Now also available 20 nm and 40 nm Diagnostics Gold Nanoparticles
Aurion Diagnostics Gold Nanoparticles are prepared according to unique production protocols based on the reduction with citrate. This provides for gold nanoparticles with the same quality as our gold nanoparticles for research applications. Aurion gold nanoparticles for Diagnostics are available in two diameters: 20nm and 40nm. With these two particle sizes both adsorption and covalent conjugation methods are optional.

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