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[iba] Strep-Tactin®XT conjugates with fluorescent label

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Strep-Tactin®XT conjugate

Strep-Tactin®XT conjugates with fluorescent label to detect Strep-tag®II and Twin-Strep-tag® fusion proteins


Strep-Tactin®XT is a streptavidin variant, which binds to the Strep-tag®II and Twin-Strep-tag® with high affinity and specificity. It is available as conjugate with fluorescent dyes (DY-488, DY-549, DY-649) for fast and directed detection of N-terminally, C-terminally as well as internally tagged Strep-tag®II or Twin-Strep-tag® fusion proteins in applications like ELISA, FACS, immunohistochemistry, and immunocytochemistry.

The absorption/emission maxima of the fluorescent dyes are:
 • DY-488: 493/518 nm
 • DY-549: 550-560/575 nm
 • DY-649: 655/676 nm


Concentration:0.5 mg/ml
Conjugate:DY-488, DY-549, DY-649
Form:Suspension in PBS
Possible Application:ELISA, western blot, FACS, Immunofluorescence
Specificity:Twin-Strep-Tag®; Strep-tag®II; cross reactivity: biotin

Shipping information

Storage:2-8 °C
Stability:6 months after shipping
Shipping:Room temperature


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