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[biosensis] NeuN antibodies: the more they bind, the more they brighten

관리자 2022.07.20 10:10 조회 392 추천 9


  NeuN antibodies: the more they bind, the more they brighten  


Biosensis' NeuN antibodies are ideal for defining neurons in intact brain sections, cultures, and 

organoids. After two decades of discovery, NeuN antibodies are still a key tool for 

neuroimaging, being cited in more than 6000 publications. Our NeuN antibodies are useful for 

ICC, IHC, and WB applications and show reactivity in human, mouse, and numerous other species.


Biosensis offers the choice of two distinct NeuN antibodies against NeuN/Fox3 proteins, 

Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (M-377) and Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody (R-3771) to allow more 

flexible, multi-label options.




A recent citation for our  Mouse Monoclonal Antibody to NeuN (M-377)

Biosensis' NeuN antibodies have been validated independently by leading researchers. In a recent 
study by Yeh SJ et al., (2021), the expression pattern of neuronal markers following an ischemic 
stroke was analysed in rat brain. The following image from the study compares the staining results 
of NeuN in three ischemic regions of rat brain.


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