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[Lumiprobe] LumiTrace PKH26 cell membrane labeling kit

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LumiTrace PKH26 cell membrane labeling kit

The ready-to-use kit contains all necessary reagents to label cell membranes with PKH26 dye for evaluating cell migration or proliferation.

The kit contains PKH26 cyanine dye with lipophilic groups, which allow rapid and non-covalent incorporation into cell membranes of almost any cells without influence on cell receptors or transmembrane proteins. The cells preserve their biological properties and ability to proliferate, which makes PKH26 an excellent fluorophore for studying plant and animal cells in vivo and in vitro. It can also be used for studying membrane vesicles.

PKH26 is a red fluorescent dye with an emission maximum at 567 nm. It can be used with other dyes in multicolor assays. PKH26 is rather stable, and PKH26-labeled cells can be studied by microscopy or flow cytometry within 100 days after staining.

The number of measurements using the kit can vary depending on the cell count in the sample:

 •The kit containing 100 µL of PHK26 allows analyzing 25 samples of 20 million cells each, using the final PKH26 concentration of 2×10-6 M.

 •The kit containing 500 µL of PHK26 allows analyzing 125 samples of 20 million cells each, using the final PKH26 concentration of 2×10-6 M

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Examples of staining

230911-5.jpg   230911-6.jpg

230911-7.jpg   230911-8.jpg

Absorption and emission spectra of LumiTrace PKH26





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