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[SVAR] A cleverly engineered cell-based assay system "iLite® Cell-Based Solutions"

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iLite® Cell-Based Solutions

The iLite® cell-based solutions are based on the iLite technology, a cleverly engineered cell-based assay system with a dual reporter gene readout. They offer the ease of use and robustness of a Ligand Binding Assay and can be developed for virtually any pharmaceutical target and allows an easy, rapid and accurate test format for measurement and quantification of drug activity and immunogenicity. 

Cell-Based Assay & Reporter Gene Assays
What are they?

Cell based assays are defined as any assay that takes place within a living cell. Because this definition is so general, there are thousands of different cell based assays.

Reporter-gene assays are a specific kind of cell-based assay with an engineered system that incorporates a regulatory elements that control a given gene and that use an easily detectable readout like luciferase.

Developing Cell-based Reporter Gene Assays
A complicated process

When developing a new cell-based assays, or keeping existing ones alive - there are many hurdles to overcome. Being able to create an assay with a reproducible readout, a high signal-to-noise ratio is challenging and cumbersome which is necessary to achieve sufficient selectivity (few false-positives) and sensitivity (few false negatives), plus high stability.

Assay Ready Cells - As easy as 1-2-3
Save time and money by not having to culture your own cells



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