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[iba LifeSciences] Strep-Tactin® Superflow® high capacity resin

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Strep-Tactin® Superflow® high capacity resin

50% suspension to purify Strep-tag®II or Twin-Strep-tag® fusion proteins

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Strep-Tactin® Superflow® high capacity is a resin for purification of strep-tagged proteins <90 kDa via affinity chromatography. The product is optimized for column-based use and suitable for HPLC/FPLC. It consists out of highly cross-linked agarose beads that are coupled to Strep-Tactin®, which is a streptavidin variant. Strep-Tactin® binds to proteins that were fused to a Strep-tag®II or a Twin-Strep-tag®, enabling a straightforward purification of tagged proteins from mixed samples, reaching a purity of >95%. Due to the targeted elution, tedious titration steps are not necessary. In addition, regeneration allows for multiple use of the resin.

In comparison to Strep-Tactin® Superflow, the high capacity version has a higher density of Strep-Tactin®, making it suitable for highly expressed proteins. This resin is also an alternative for proteins that are difficult to elute from our Strep-Tactin®XT 4Flow® resins.

Please note that biotinylated proteins also bind to Strep-Tactin® Superflow® high capacity. If biotinylated proteins are expected, use BioLock.  Furthermore, this resin is a 50% suspension, so for packing e.g. a 1 ml gravity column, 2 ml of resin is required. 

For further information about our different resins including recommendations, check our resin specifications.


Bead Size:

60 - 160 µm spherical

Biotin Binding Capacity:

> 900 nmol/ml resin

Dynamic Protein Binding Capacity:

7 mg/ml resin

Exclusion Limit:

6 x 10^6


50% suspension

Possible Application:

Protein purification of Strep-tag®II and Twin-Strep-tag® fusion proteins


Twin-Strep-tag®; Strep-tag®II; cross reactivity: biotin


6% agarose, crosslinked

Shipping information


2-8 °C


6 months after shipping


Room temperature