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[IBA Lifesciences] Scalability of MagStrep® Strep-Tactin®XT beads for high-throughput or large scale purification

관리자 2024.06.20 10:55 조회 166 추천 1



High purity and yield for various sample volumes 

with MagStrep® Strep-Tactin®XT beads

Dear Researcher,

Scalability of protein purification is crucial for researchers involved in process development since it allows them to seamlessly transition from laboratory-scale experiments to large-scale production, even for commercial applications. 

In this IBA newsletter issue we demonstrate how MagStrep® Strep-Tactin®XT beads, can be effectively utilized from small to large batch purifications, while maintaining consistently high purity and yields regardless of the sample volumes. To illustrate this, we have conducted experiments in cooperation with Sepmag and Tecan, combining our product with their lab devices (magnetic bead separator and liquid handler respectively). 

You can find the results of these experiments in the corresponding application note and scientific poster below.

Kind regards,
IBA Lifesciences



Application note in cooperation with SepMag®



Scientific poster

Do not have time to read a paper now? We have also shortly summarized the main points of the materials above backed up by the corresponding data and references online:


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