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[BroadPharm] Cutting-Edge Fluorescent Dyes for Flow Cytometry, ICC/IHC, Microscopy, Western Blotting, and DNA Sequencing pen_spark tune share more_vert

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Elevate Your Research with BroadPharm's Fluorescent Dyes


We want to highlight our superior fluorescent dyes, designed to empower researchers across various fields. Our dyes come customizable with a range of PEG lengths to increase solubility and functional groups (e.g. Click Chemistry Tools, Amine Reactive, Thiol Reactive) to suit your specific needs. Our dyes consistently deliver exceptional brightness, photostability, and sensitivity, ensuring the clarity and accuracy you need to achieve your research goals.

Our fluorescent dyes are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

·Flow Cytometry
oFITC, Pacific Blue, BP Fluor 350, 405, 430, 488, 532, 568, 594,  647, 660R, 680
·Immunocytochemistry & Immunohistochemistry (ICC/IHC)
·Fluorescence Microscopy
oBP Fluor 488, 555, 647, 680, BP Light 488, 594
·Western Blotting Assays
·Oligonucleotide Labeling and DNA Sequencing

BP Fluor 350, 488, 555, 594, 647, 680, Cy3, Cy5, Cy5.5, Cy7

With their superior performance and versatility, our fluorescent dyes can help you:

·Improve the sensitivity and specificity of your assays
·Reduce background noise
·Increase the throughput with our diverse fluorophores, enabling larger multicolor panels.

·Obtain more accurate and reliable results

We are confident that our fluorescent dyes will become an essential tool in your research arsenal. To learn more about our products, please visit our website



Features: High water solubility, low non-specific binding, high S/N ratio.

Fluorescent dye is a fluorescent chemical compound that can re-emit light upon laser excitation. Fluorophores typically contain several combined aromatic groups, or planar or cyclic molecules with several bonds. PEG spacers increase water solubility, enable efficient biolabeling in imaging and diagnostic R&D.