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[Biosensis] Biosensis Oligomeric Amyloid-Beta ELISA Kit

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Oligomeric Amyloid-Beta ELISA Kit

A tool for advancing Alzheimer's studies


Beta-amyloid protein (brown) in the Alzheimer’s affected brain. Image credits: NIH Image Gallery (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Oligomeric Amyloid-Beta as a Biomarker

Alzheimer's disease is intricately associated with the oligomeric form of amyloid-beta peptide (Aβ), particularly the variant Aβ, 1-42. Despite the development of several Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISAs) targeting Aβ, these assays commonly exhibit cross-reactivity with amyloid-beta precursor protein (APP) and demonstrate inefficacy in discerning between monomeric and oligomeric forms of the Aβ peptide.

In response to these challenges, Biosensis introduced an oligomeric Aβ ELISA kit (BEK-2215-1P/2P), a sandwich ELISA designed to enable the preferential quantification of oligomeric Aβ peptides. This kit comprises a pre-coated mouse monoclonal anti-Aβ capture antibody (MOAB-2), a biotinylated MOAB-2 detection antibody, and horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-conjugated streptavidin to measure Aβ levels accurately in both sample specimens and protein standards.


A standard curve generated in our laboratory using oligomeric amyloid-beta ELISA kit (BEK-2215-1P/2P)


ELISA test data using Biosensis' 2215 Oligomeric Abeta ELISA assay shows that it detects signals only from oligomeric clusters due to the unique N-terminal epitope of the MOAB-2 antibody. Biosensis has an exclusive license for MOAB-2 in immunoassays.

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