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[Intact Genomics] Introducing FastAmp Plant Direct PCR Kit - IG Innovative Products For Plant Research

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IG Innovative Products For Plant Research

Introducing FastAmp Plant Direct PCR Kit


●  Fast, Direct PCR - No requirement of prior DNA extraction or any other intermediary steps. Short PCR protocol times. 

●  Extraction Buffer - Intact Genomics new proprietary buffer can help extract more DNA from any plant tissue!

●  Robust - This kit is tolerant of plant PCR inhibitors such as polysaccharides, polyphenols and others, thereby delivering significantly improved assay sensitivity and reproducibility.

●  Convenient - Master mix format with premixed gel loading dye to reduce cross-contamination and sample handling errors. 

●  Comprehensive - Obtained successful PCR results from a very broad range of species including maize, soybean, rice, avocado, grape, strawberry and many other plants!

●  Reliable - Quality control is performed following the production of each new lot of product to ensure that it meets the quality standards and specifications.