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[Immunostar] How To Reconstitute Lyophilized IMMUNOSTAR Antibody

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How to Reconstitute Lyophilized ImmunoStar Antibody

This instructional video shows how to reconstitute a lyophilized ImmunoStar antibody by adding water back to the lyophilized whole serum. We recommend not reconstituting an antibody until right before use and following the product’s data sheet instructions. Data Sheets are included in each shipping package and are also found on each product page in our Antibody and Peptide Control catalogs.

Once reconstituted, the antibody is ready for use and can be diluted as needed.


Reconstituting and Diluting Recommendations

To reconstitute lyophilized antibodies, follow the instructions on the product’s data sheet. A data sheet is included in each product shipment package and can be found online on the product’s page in our Antibody and Peptide Control catalogs.Generally we recommend initially reconstituting freeze-dried antibodies with 100 microliters of distilled or deionized water, followed by further diluting the solution with 900 microliters of PBS or Tris buffer for a total amount of 1 ml. The antibody will then be diluted 1/10. Make aliquots based on intended use and freeze. For example, make aliquots of 100 µL each in small eppendorf vials or cryovials and store in the freezer. In the future, only thaw vials intended for use in order to reduce repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Thawing and re-freezing can reduce the quality of the antibody. Dilution recommendations listed on data sheets apply to the reconstituted antibody, prior to dilutions with buffers.

What is Lyophilization?

Most ImmunoStar Antibodies are sold as 100 µL lyophilized whole serum. Lyophilizing, or freeze drying, is the method of choice for long-term storage stabilization of monoclonal antibodies. Lyophilizing freezes antibodies at a low temperature then the ice or frozen solvent is removed by sublimation in a vacuum environment resulting in preservation of their chemical and biological properties. Lyophilized antibodies are stable in this form without loss of quality for shipping without ice despite temperature fluctuations and for short-term storage (up to seven days) at 4°C. It also renders antibodies reliable without losing activity after long-term storage (years) if stored frozen as directed on the product’s Data Sheet (generally -15°C or lower). Each of our antibodies have an expiration date listed on its label.

Liquid ImmunoStar Antibodies

Some ImmunoStar Antibodies are in liquid form. These antibodies are shipped on ice and must be refrigerated at 4°-8°C as instructed on the product’s data sheet. A product data sheet is included in each product shipment package and can be found online on the product’s page in our Antibody catalog. Liquid antibodies are not reconstituted following this video’s instructions. This video is only for lyophilized antibodies.

ImmunoStar’s liquid antibodies are: 5-HT 1A (#24505), 5-HT 2A (#24288), 5-HT 2C (#24505), 5-HT 5A (#24429), 5-HT 7 (#24430), GFAP (#22522), NK3R (#20061), NPY Y1 (#24506), and S100 (#22520).

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