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[EMS] New Paraffin Dispenser from Electron Microscopy Sciences

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EMS News
New Product
Large Capacity Paraffin Dispenser

The EMS 2.5 gallon capacity tabletop Paraffin Dispenser has a built-in digital temperature controller and heated faucet. Temperature can be set from room temperature to 72° C (162° F) with ± 2° tolerance. It is constructed of durable stainless steel.

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Antimicrobial Wipes Sale
PAWS Wipes

P.A.W.S provides sanitizing and extended antimicrobial action on the skin. Formulated with PCMX and alcohol for OSHA compliance. For a limited time, buy one 160/pk container of wipes, get one 50% off! Offer valid while supplies last.

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Product Demonstrations
Tisue Slicer

Looking for tutorials or demonstrations of product capabilities? Look no further than the EMS YouTube channel. Videos are uploaded regularly on a variety of topics.

This week, we demonstrate set up for the EMS Tissue Slicer.

EMS YouTube

Carbon Rod Sharpener
Carbon Rod Sharpener
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PinTAG Cryogenic Labels
Cryo Labels
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Gel-Pak Vacuum Release Trays
Gel-Pak Vacuum Release™ Trays
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