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[SCRIPPS] Metabolic Markers for Research & Assay Development - Apoferritin, Recombinant

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Metabolic Markers for

Research & Assay Development

Apoferritin, Recombinant

Human ferritin from native tissues has been in short supply globally for the last several years, as starting material quality and availability have diminished. To prevent supply disruptions in the biomedical industry, Scripps Laboratories developed a recombinant form of ferritin. The resulting product does not contain iron and is referred to as apoferritin. Recombinant apoferritin from Scripps is the multi-subunit molecule and it performs well across multiple antibody-based assay systems. Click below to learn more about how our recombinant apoferritin compares to the native protein.


Recombinant Apoferritin - ≥95% | View Recombinant Apoferritin Data (as PDF)

With native raw materials in increasingly short supply, recombinant proteins will be called on to replace native proteins with greater frequency in the clinical diagnostic industry. The transition to a recombinant can be a daunting task and one that is complicated and time-consuming. The validation processes, both internal and external, must be well designed and thorough, in an effort to demonstrate conclusively that the recombinant product is a suitable replacement for the native protein. 




This preparation of Recombinant Apoferritin is the multi-subunit form of Ferritin, composed of heavy and light chains. It does not contain any iron atoms and is, therefore referred to as Apoferritin, rather than Ferritin. It is produced in E. coli and is provided as a liquid in 10 mM Tris, 150 mM Sodium Chloride, 0.02% Sodium Azide, pH 8.0. Protein content is determined by immunoassay on a Centaur CP analyzer and by the Lowry Protein Assay (BSA standard).