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[Life Diagnostics] SPARCL™[1] – A Simpler and Faster ELISA Alternative

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SPARCL™[1] – A Simpler and Faster ELISA Alternative


SPARCL™ (Spatial Proximity Analyte Reagent Capture Luminescence) assays use two specific antibodies; one conjugated to HRP, the other to acridan, a chemiluminescent substrate. When HRP and acridan conjugated antibodies bind to their target biomarker they are brought into close proximity. Upon addition of hydrogen peroxide (trigger solution), HRP catalyzes oxidation of proximal acridan molecules causing a flash of chemiluminescence that is proportional to biomarker concentration. Acridan molecules distant from HRP are not oxidized and therefore produce no luminescence. This principle allows development of a range of rapid and sensitive homogeneous immunoassays.

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A typical SPARCL™ assay requires no wash steps, uses a single incubation, and takes approximately 45 minutes start to finish. This contrasts with ELISA’s that require 1-4 incubations, 1-3 wash steps and take 2-4+ hours. SPARCL™ kits require a luminometer capable of simultaneous injection and measurement. Click here to find out if your luminometer is compatible. Click here for answers to SPARCL FAQs.

Currently available SPARCL™ kits are listed below. Click on the catalog numbers for the kit instructions.

A list of publications that have used our SPARCL™ assays can be found at the bottom of this page.

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SPARCL™ Case Studies – Third party evaluations of SPARCL™ technology
Johnson and Johnson
Lumigen – Human IgG kit (IGG-SP-20)

[1] The SPARCL™ technology was developed by Lumigen Corp.